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Think and Act 3.18.15 – Ten Ways I Get Selfish


Selfishness never lies too far below the surface with me. Thinking out loud benefits me to identify areas where God’s grace needs application. Hopefully it will help you as well.

1. I get frustrated when I’m not on schedule. Many times this is beyond my control but I’m willing to waste the energy on it anyhow.

2. Children. Enough said, right? Forgetting the blessing of our kids in exchange for wishing they didn’t need so much of my energy happens too quickly sometimes.

3. I think the internet should work better than it does sometimes. I forget that I have the blessing of having so much information available.

4. I can’t find the remote. I secretly think the people in my house have plotted to get under my skin. I forget the marvel of entertainment on an HD screen just a few clicks away.

5. Car repairs drive me nuts. No pun intended. Why focus on the blessing of having cars when you can complain about how much it costs to repair them? Surely God doesn’t know we needed that money for something else 🙂

6. I don’t always agree with other believers in Jesus. Never mind the fact that the blood Jesus shed bought their forgiveness in an equal manner to mine.

7. I am opposed to the varmints who have been living under my shed. Why would I remember the friends who graciously gave of their time and talent to help me build something I never could have built on my own?

8. Un-level floors in our house really keep me off balance (okay, pun intended).  The small things stamp out how much God deserves my gratefulness for providing a home we call our own!

9. If only everyone drove the way I thought they should. Really, why would everyone not move with the same pace and approach that I would? How could I ever need to learn I’m not the only one on the road?

10. Waiting in line is such a drag. Why couldn’t everyone else have realized I needed to be at the grocery store and come at a different time?

Think. Do these help reveal any selfish patterns of thinking?

Act. I fight against these (and other) areas of selfishness by praising God. I invite you to join me!

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