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Think and Act 3.12.14: My Cell Phone and Parenting: 2 Resolutions

Julie and I have been talking about devices and parenting. Air1 Radio station reported a study on Tuesday about parents who are on their phones or devices when the kids are around.

They reported two things are true: 1) The kids will generally work to get your attention off the device and on to them (big surprise) and 2) Parents using devices generally only talk to kids negatively or in corrective ways.

I’ve noticed myself struggling with this, so here are two resolutions.

1. My kids matter more than whatever I’m reading. It’s not fair to deny them attention, even if it’s something good like the Bible. All they know is I’m not paying attention to them. My times for reading should be neatly carved out and less spontaneous.

<strong>2. I will work to keep the device in the pocket and increase the time they know they have my attention. The last thing I want is for them to be jealous of the phone. It cost a couple hundred bucks. My children are priceless.

Think. Does technology affect your parenting in negative ways?

Act. What practical steps could you take to re-focus your relationships?

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