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Think and Act 2.25.16 – When I Make Videos With Our Kids


The video I made with our kids last week should have taken this spot right here. But, the file won’t fit, so you’ll have to troll on over to my Facebook page to find it.

For this post, a few thoughts about the method and the madness behind these videos.

1. Method.

Think simple. Cell phone video camera and iMovie for editing provide the basic makeup. We trade filming responsibilities depending on who’s in which scene.

2. Madness.

This process often devolves into madness. You have a perfectionist father trying to work with the script-writing, acting, and otherwise attention challenged abilities of children who have good intentions. Do the math.

I often think this process (yes, I am a willing participant) brings about growth in me more than any other benefit. Do I lose my patience? Sure. Do we get into arguments doing this? Yes. Our eyes roll more times than a sports car in an action scene.

The process of the “madness” reminds me of their developmental level, and how I need to learn to laugh, slow down, and enjoy the time. Through it all we do end up having a lot of fun as we mess up, re-take, re-edit, and fuss over our imperfection. This all brings about the . . .

3. Memories.

The memories we make doing these projects will truly endure. Regularly, our kids ask “Remember in that video we made when…?”  I fully realize that doing these projects taps a creative side with them and pulls my heart strings when they fondly remember the fun we had going through the process together.

The memories have the power to shrink the limitations of the method and the angst of the madness.

Think. How will your kids remember special times with you?

Act. Intentionally, what sorts of things can you do to create memories with your kids?

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