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Think and Act 2.25.15 – Three Signs You’re Growing Spiritually


How do you grow spiritually? I’m currently preaching a series on Colossians 3 while focusing on our church’s purposes: Worship. Grow. Share.

“How do you grow spiritually?” is a very good question. People try lots of different things to “grow” spiritually. Based on Colossians 3, I’ll offer three signs you’re growing spiritually:

1. Your love for God is increasing.

Colossians 3:1-2 says “seek the things that are above” and “set your minds on things that are above”. In order to have a mind that dwells on heavenly things, you must prioritize God.

If your love for God is increasing, you’re thinking about Him. His ways, His truth, His plans, His character – all will find more place in your thinking.

Do you daydream about heaven? Do you praise God that He shows us grace through Christ? Do you itch for the world to know?

Rest assured, growth is taking place.

2. You are overcoming sin.

The language of Colossians 3 says to “put to death” sin and “put on” godly qualities including patience, meekness, humility, love, forgiveness, etc.

Your hatred for your sin increases. The desire to sin decreases. Your compassion for people different from you grows. Things slow down, you over-react less.

Rest assured, growth is taking place.

3. You are loving other Christians more.

Colossians 3 shows strong relationships. Gathering for worship encourages. Relationships have structure. Forgiveness takes place. Love wells up even in tough circumstances. If you see these things taking place more and more, God is drawing you close.

You are doing things most find crazy. The relationships you treasure fit into structures non-believers can’t understand. Yet, you find joy and want others to have it.

If these things are happening, rest assured, growth is taking place.

Think. Are you growing spiritually? Has a stagnant state set in? How does Colossians 3 help or challenge?

Act. Change your thinking, strengthen relationships, forgive, love, ask God for more characteristics that bring Him glory!

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