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Think and Act 2.11.15 – Marriage: For Earth Only


Sunday night we will have a marriage re-fresh event at our church. I always enjoy these events. Focusing on marriage for a couple hours can remind of great truths and point to the way to meaningful conversations following.

Tonight I’ll share two simple (is there such a thing in marriage?) thoughts about marriage. Think. Act.

1. Remember, marriage is an earthly arrangement.

I’m not suggesting our spouses will be unknown to us in eternity (assuming both are Christ followers). But Jesus made it clear that in the resurrection we will neither marry nor be given in marriage (Matthew 22:30).

Love stories, obituaries, and tombstones at times suggest marriage is the center of eternity. Indeed we should love our spouses and honor those great spouses who are now in the presence of Jesus. But, we should remember that Jesus is the true center of eternity – not our spouse.

2. We should use the earthly arrangement for His glory.

If we’re taught to sacrifice for each other in Ephesians 5 and Jesus is lifted up as the model of sacrifice, then this arrangement of marriage should point to Him.

A simple test: Is Jesus able to fulfill your earthly desires more than your spouse? If so, that growth will continue and Jesus will be your all in all through any difficulty, up to and including the loss of your spouse. If no, great difficulty will arise in marriage as you continue to expect your spouse to achieve perfection in their ability to fulfill you. That’s something no spouse can or wants to try to live out.

Think. Is your approach to marriage eternity based, or earth based? Are you more excited to sacrifice for your spouse or for your spouse to sacrifice for you?

Act. If you’ve been relying on your spouse too much, ask forgiveness. Admit areas where you’ve pressed too hard. Pray, repent. Trust Jesus to lead you forward to a stronger marriage – with Him at the center.


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