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Think and Act 12.2.15 – Praying for Children’s Service Workers


Imagine being called to a house where a domestic dispute has resulted in the arrest of a single parent and a visiting “friend”. When the cops come, the three other people in the house flee, knowing their drug paraphernalia will soon be found. That leaves three kids by themselves.

You work for Children’s Services and have to decide what to do with the kids. Calls to the children’s extended family come up empty. Even with multiple fathers, no immediate home is found. No foster home available can take all three kids. You must work to decide where to send the kids. Then, you spend weeks and months following their development and a case plan that their parent may or may not complete once out of jail or once the charges get settled.

I made this scenario up, but I can’t imagine I’m that far off the mark. Yes, this type of stuff happens. Why else does Children’s Service have a staff full of over-worked, underpaid, and under-appreciated social workers? Day in and day out they deal with brutal situations.

I haven’t had any kind of recent scenario involving CSB, although throughout the years I’ve seen too many.

I have no idea why it crossed my mind this week to write briefly about them. But their jobs rank among the hardest I can imagine.

My request: Will you pray for them as they deal with children in terribly difficult situations?

Think. What types of people do you know that have hard jobs?

Act. Even if people choose hard jobs, how can we support those who play important roles in society? Think of ways to show appreciation to those who deal with difficult situations as an occupation.

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