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Think and Act 12.18.13 – One Thing No One Said You Couldn’t Do

There seem to be lots of things you can’t do.  Of course there are laws. Then there are society’s rules.  People step around on eggshells wondering if they’ve offended someone for some weird reason.  Canned apologies usually follow.

But, regardless of culture, there is one thing that is always acceptable: Make a difference in your community.

Positive contributions to your community are never out of style.  Here is a list of 5 ideas to make you think:

1. Support a local program.

There is a program somewhere – a PTA, Youth program, local school sports program, community improvement, SOMETHING! – that could use your help. Usually with a minimal time or financial commitment you can make the community you live in a better place.  In my local neighborhood I could think of 8-10 ways off the top of my head!

2. Get to know your neighbors.  

When neighbors are less afraid of each other, they’re more likely to look out for each other.  This past Easter Sunday, friends of ours were gone and someone tried to break into their home.  A neighbor on their street noticed what was going on and yelled at the burglars. They fled.  Are they best friends with these neighbors? No. Just neighbors.  Don’t hole up in your house. Do something to get to know your neighbors better.

3. Pick up the trash.

Take a walk with your family and just pick up the trash. Talk to people along the way.

4. Volunteer at a school.

Schools are greatly in need of help.  It won’t take you too long to find meaningful ways to invest in kids. Helping to tutor in math and reading helps kids gain confidence in school. As you volunteer you may well find other needs you can help meet.

5. Visit and befriend an older person.

This is no joke – I don’t need a bunch of people at my door trying to do this.  I’m serious. Elderly are very much forgotten in most communities.  They are lonely. Do something to get to know someone. Carve out an hour for some extra cleaning, just time to talk, or running errands for (or with) someone.

Some of these have Christian overtones, some of these do not. I’ve stayed away from Christianizing this post because I think that everyone should be missed when they move. What, you won’t be? Time to change that today.

Think. Will you be missed when you move?

Act. If not, get busy and get involved. If everyone invested in one other person, communities really would be stronger and there would be much less fear and loneliness.

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