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Think and Act 11.27.14 – I’m Glad Thanksgiving Is One Day A Year


Let me share a few brief thoughts on Thanksgiving being one day a year. Some complain that we should be thankful all year round and having a day of focus somehow cheapens thankfulness. I disagree.

1. A heightened celebration can bring heightened meaning.

We should celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ more than once per year, but do we? Marking out a day to celebrate makes you think about something. If people never think about thankfulness except for Thanksgiving, then I’m glad Thanksgiving exists. If you are thankful most of the year, a one day focus can take your view of thankfulness to new heights or bring about new insights. This happened to me this year in studying Romans 1 (you can read the chapter for its insights into Thanksgiving).

2. Annual things can help us remember.

We should never forget why they originally had a Thanksgiving feast. It had nothing to do with football. An annual celebration helps us remember the values of those who have gone before us.

3. I’m up for any excuse to bring families together.

So many people complain about their families. Some families are obviously very dysfunctional and outright miserable. I understand that and I in no way want to seem insensitive to those with difficult family existences. However, the family unit is also the backbone of society, and I’d argue families would be stronger in most cases if they met together more often. So, Thanksgiving is a time when families are kind of “forced” to be together? Fine with me!

Think. Are you thankful? Does Thanksgiving help you have a good perspective on giving thanks?

Act. Kneel down in prayer. Give God thanks for blessings ranging from enjoyable to challenging. Repeat.

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