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Think and Act 11.27.13 – I Hope No One Reads This Thursday

Look, it’s no big secret that I like to make people think. Here’s the question:

Could/should Thanksgiving be a day (or a majority of a day) without social media? Two strong reasons I hope it is.

1. In-person relationships are better than on-line, even if they involve people you don’t like.

Most family gatherings involve uncomfortable-ness. You gather to give thanks with people you don’t see much, and all of a sudden the comfort of scrolling through online strangers’ posts seems better than engaging in real conversation.

I would argue that in-person relationships are much better, and learning how to cultivate them is far preferable to the shallowness of gathering for holidays and funerals.

2. Does everyone in your online world have to know you’re thankful?

I wrote last week that going on about thankfulness without giving glory to God only shines the light on the self. Here are a couple suggestions to take the opportunity to make it more personal, and even bridge the gap with someone you might not know very well.

How about taking the opportunity to ask someone why they’re thankful? Or, better yet, tell someone why you are thankful for them. See how they respond. These things are harder to do but they open a door to show a genuine interest in someone and take an honest stab at loving your neighbor (or your family!) as yourself.

Think. Is in-person communication growing more difficult for you?

Act. Make use of the time this weekend to genuinely show interest and love in those who are there in person way more than the attraction you have to “interact” with those who aren’t.

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