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Think and Act 11.19.14 – Why I Write a Blog, In Case You Ever Wondered

I’m not one for wasted time. I’m not one for blurry purpose, either. There’s not much in this life that breaks my heart more than people who do things with no purpose, or dulled purpose. I have actually started a book about the topic of sharpening the foundations underlying our intentions and actions, but that’s another post for another day.

So, you’re reading this blog article. That means you’ve somehow been linked to or found my blog. And as with each of my blog entries, I have a purpose for what I do. Maybe these few thoughts about why I write a blog can help you think why you do a few things that you do.

1. The title is intentional.

Thought-driven action. We act without thinking a lot, don’t we? Maybe you’re not as prone to it as I am. But as I’ve grown, God has helped slow me down and helped me think through a situation before choosing a regrettable course. At the very least, I’m more prone to listen to those who can help stop me from choosing a regrettable course.

My hope in writing this blog is that Bible thinking will inform good action.

2. I want to help.

Truly, it thrills me to be a catalyst for others’ thinking and growth. I know that not everything I write is agreed upon by my readers, but it doesn’t have to be. I want people to think. And act. And if you disagree with a viewpoint or with something I link to, then know why and be prepared to chart your course accordingly. Things you disagree with can sharpen your love for Christ and increase the effectiveness of your witness.

3. Much of this is about how to navigate society.

We live in a culture that is not exactly friendly to Christianity. Having a well-formed outlook is essential to having any success maintaining both Biblical belief and as many healthy relationships with our cultural neighbors as possible. It’s a thread that concerns me greatly and I will continue to do whatever I can to encourage believers in Jesus Christ to live the bold truth of the gospel.

Think. Do you think knowing “why” you do something is important?

Act. Read this article and make a correlation to something in your life. How can you encourage others’ growth?


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