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Think and Act 11.13.13 – A Definition of Anger

I’m reading Uprooting Anger by Robert D. Jones. I’d like to share his definition of anger to help you think through it.

“Our anger is our whole-personed response of negative moral judgment against perceived evil.”

I assume anger is something most people struggle with on some levels.  And this definition has been helpful to me to see what it involves. This definition suggests anger is not a small corner of the soul, it is not a flippant response, and is not based on petty causes.

Think. What judgments do you make that provoke your anger?

Act. This limited definition is more on the thinking side, but I do think an action step would be to list the most frequent things (perceived evil according to the definition) that provoke your anger. What is not going the way you think it should that brings out the anger? Another action step would be to get this book or another if anger is a real struggle.