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Think and Act 11.12.14 – About Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day was yesterday. Localities across the nation found practical ways to honor vets. Churches from shore to shore said thanks in various ways this past Sunday. Restaurants offered free meals for active or former military. Facebook and social media were abuzz with tributes to family and friends.

I encourage thinking. And action. That’s the purpose of my blog. So, veteran or not, are you up for a couple questions? Here goes:

1. Are you grateful?

I’m not saying you have to agree with foreign policy, all the ins and outs of war, or the way the military is run. I’m not even saying you have to like every veteran you know, or their approach.

But a simple question is this: are you grateful and can you communicate it?

In our church’s service I explained that I think military service is complex. It is. But the simple thing is to be grateful. Can you communicate a basic gratefulness for the freedoms military service has brought you?

2. Is this a once per year thing?

Honestly, I think patriotically most around the holidays. I’d be willing to say most Americans do – especially those without military service experience.

I’ve often wondered if some vets find it awkward that there is a great outpouring of love once a year but not so much the rest of the year. I feel awkward only showing appreciation in a few concentrated bursts. The end result? Something is surely better than nothing.

3. Looking past yourself to think about others.

Let me challenge you here. Put yourself in the shoes of a military veteran. Part of loving your neighbor (Matthew 22:37-40) is a deeper understanding. When it comes to those who have served in the military, the following may be harsh, but true:

  1. Veterans made a choice to serve on someone else’s behalf.
  2. Veterans made that choice knowing the worldly benefits may never equal the personal sacrifice.
  3. Many veterans have willingly subjected themselves to physical, emotional, and mental trauma that stays with them their entire lives.
  4. Many veterans have wondered why they lived through combat instead of friends left behind.
  5. Even ungrateful people benefit from the freedoms provided by those who have served.

Those are five. The list goes on and on. Are you able to think on the level of difficult things which might affect veterans around you?

Think. Is your perspective on military service well thought out, or too superficial?

Act. It’s never too late or the wrong time to express appreciation.


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