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Think and Act 10.9.13 – Constant Reminders I’m Not God

Ok, I really don’t think I’m God. Let’s get that out of the way.

But, I do like to have plans, I do like to figure things out, and I do like to be able to help whenever I can.

Here are some constant reminders I’m not God:

1) I don’t have a perfect record in helping people.

2) I don’t have a perfect ability to overcome my own weaknesses and sins on my own.

3) My best plans still fail.

4) The church I lead isn’t perfect.

5) My marriage and family have challenges to overcome like everyone else’s.

These are constant reminders of my insufficiencies.  Without the mighty grace of God through His Son Jesus, these insufficiencies would not be a nag or a collection of frustrations. They would be my destruction.

But my destruction is avoided. These shortcomings lead to my maturity because I’m not God; in fact, I’m glad He is!

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