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Think and Act 10.8.14 – Three Ideas for Using Technology Less

If you’re reading this, you clicked on a title that offers specific suggestions. For me, it’s a mild conviction.

At the heart of the issue for me is technology getting in the way of life. Interaction with technology should be managed in a way that human relationships and spiritual focus remain important.

So, here are a couple ideas for using technology less. Some I’ve read in other places, others are original based on various conversations. Our family doesn’t practice all these, but depending on how much you need or want to reduce your use of technology, I think they could be helpful.

1. Have a tech-free day. 

Pick a day in your home that makes sense. Maybe go from after school until bedtime without tech, unless internet is needed for schoolwork.

Replace the tech with an intentional focus on extended devotions, game time, walks, or other family projects.

2. Get a basic alarm.

If your phone doubles as your alarm, technology exposure starts first thing in the morning because the phone is available from the minute you wake up. If the phone is not available, prayer or a Bible might be.

“But I use my phone for a Bible.” I’m okay with that, and I’m all for that being the first app you open. But does it lead to opening other apps? Then spending longer on social media or checking info longer than you just read or prayed?

For me, keeping God-focued spiritual thoughts through my morning is very helpful and avoiding social media until a bit later in the morning is a huge help.

3. Make text messaging a non-instant communication form.

Setting aside time to reply to text messages, for me, allows greater periods of concentration (when I can do it well). This is really the same with internet information consumption and email. When you are in control of the technology, it can’t control you.

If you feel that every notification is urgent and has to be responded to, your level of focus and productivity will be severely impeded. How about responding at certain intervals throughout your day?


I have a hunch I’m not the only one who struggles with this stuff. Take these thoughts as things I’m processing, not things I’ve mastered. I’m hopeful you will value relationships, family, productivity, and ultimately God. Technology can certainly prevent us from doing that.

Think. In what specific areas do you struggle with technology having too much of a role in your life?

Act. Take me up on one of these suggestions, or help me out with one of your own!

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