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Think and Act 10.29.14 – When No One Reads Your Blog

We live in a day and age when it’s beyond easy to find false affirmation.

Social media provides people of all ages the opportunity to gain affirmation through saying things, telling stories, commenting on current events, posting photos, and all sorts of vanity.

Much of what is on social media is valuable and noteworthy. But, if we’re not careful, we can dupe ourselves into thinking that what we do on social media is more important than it is. Worse, we may fall into the trap of deriving self-worth from social media.

I entitled this “When No One Reads Your Blog”. I write a blog several times a week, pretty much every week. A great question is: why?

Why write?

Do I write so a certain number of people will read it? Do I pen particular posts so I can get a certain amount of traffic? Do I feel better about myself when I write a post that gets a lot of hits? Should it really matter to me how many people read it?

Well, yes and no. What’s most important is the heart. Let me explain.

If one person reads one post and their life is totally transformed by that post, would you say my time and effort were worth it? Would those teaching about how to have a successful blog agree?

The point.

The encouragement here? Be confident in what God is prompting you to do, grow in your ability to do it, and know that what you’re doing can be used because it’s exactly what He wanted you to do.

If I was trying to be a professional blog writer, I’d be a big fat failure. I’m not. So whatever I do, I want it to come from my heart, point people to God’s Word, and encourage whoever accesses my site.

Can we all say that about the way we portray ourselves online? Let’s be sure to find our affirmation through our identity in Christ. We’ll never find false affirmation there.

Think. Do you tend to seek false affirmation through the use of social media?

Act. Work to point people to God’s Word in all you do, no matter the audience God gives you.

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