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Think and Act 10.1.14 – Why I Don’t Want A Better Society

I don’t think you’ll have to go very far to find people who think society should be better.

Most people are going to be in favor of less crime, better schools, more peace, and a healthy outlook for finances and freedom. Enough tax dollars are left over to fund meaningful programs and keep roads and infrastructure up to date? Bonus.

A better society, but . . . 

Listen there’s no doubt I believe in all that. I participate in organizations designed to help bring many of those things about.

So why entitle a blog article “Why I Don’t Want Society to Be Better”?

Because it’s not my main goal, that’s why.

Think carefully with me about the ramifications, will you?


Let’s say a great group of politicians came together and made policy that brought an economic boom to an area. That economic boom brought lower crime because families and workers were more secure. Let’s say that boom also fueled a great tax base to provide great schools and overall civic health. Sounds great, right?

What could be wrong with this? The answer is: potentially everything could be wrong.

If all you knew in this illustration was that the politicians made a great plan that brought all this about, then where would people ultimately put their stock? You guessed it: in the political system.

The politicians would be hailed as heroes, the government would be seen as provider of peace, and money would be the security blanket and glue holding society together.

Take the glory elsewhere.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t want a society where the glory went to men. That society wouldn’t last, because pride would set in and lead to selfishness and conflict. That society would be set up for an implosion at some point. That’s what happens when man trusts in man.

The glory doesn’t belong to people. When hopes for a better society are pinned to the change in heart that only the Holy Spirit can bring about, the entire substance of the discussion changes. When people experience the peace of Christ — real inner peace that overcomes doubt, fear, guilt, failure — they start to live this life with an eye on the next. Life and people are valued more than any outward sign of success. And when life and people are valued, the impact on society will be hard to miss.

When people complain about crime, lack of respect, moral decay, etc. and point out that politicians are inept when it comes to bringing about change, they’re actually right. Politicians can’t be trusted to bring the root level change – only Christ can.

Think. Where do you put your hope when it comes to societal change?

Act. If you believe that change in society comes through spiritual change, then pray specifically for the kind of revival that shakes sinners to their core and awakens them to the truth of God. Pray that your local church will catch fire to see sinners repent and Jesus glorified as lives are re-oriented to God’s ways over man’s.


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