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The Top 11 Life Events of 2014


Wow – this was a banner year. We experienced a lot as a family. I experienced a lot as an individual.

In no particular order . . .

1. Australia.

We began 2014 in Australia. It’s a trip that will hold dear places in our memories for the rest of our lives. Words cannot describe how much of a blessing this trip was – in every way.

2. Our daughter’s hospital stay.

This stretch of time challenged us as individuals and as a family. No clear diagnosis, lots of ups and downs with her breathing, and many days of split duties between home/hospital really increased our faith.

3. Trip to the Creation Museum.

You might think I’m stretching to add to the list. This was actually the same weekend our daughter’s hospital stay began. However, we had long desired to go see the Creation Museum. I WILL remember the tour and the grounds.

4. The Grand Canyon for our 15th wedding anniversary.

I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. The helicopter ride to the bottom of the Canyon and the boat ride on the Colorado River will remain etched in our memories as long as we have memories. What a great way to celebrate God’s faithfulness to us over fifteen years of marriage.

5. Philadelphia family missions trip.

We love Frank and Elizabeth Varaso. We love Jesus. We loved going to serve in Philly over a long weekend in July. Praise God for His faithfulness! What great family memories, serving Jesus together.

6. Derek Jeter retired.

The Captain’s final season isn’t worth remembering, but his final game was. I called the last hit before it happened!

7. God blessed the Nuzzo family.

I am amazed at God’s work on behalf of Steve and Maria Nuzzo, and daughter Harper. Harper was born with a lot of physical difficulty and the situation seemed desperately dire at times. God answered prayer and Harper today is happy and healthy. Every time I see her picture on Facebook I praise God.

8. Adam Depasquale’s visit to Akron.

Adam is a pastor in the Newtown, CT area. God has merged our lives in meaningful ways over the past couple years. Many lives were blessed by Adam’s visit to Akron. He was a messenger of comfort, peace, and courageous leadership.

9. New friends.

I have new friends at the end of 2014 that I didn’t have at the beginning. I NEVER would have guessed God would have worked in the ways He has. How fun!

10. Project Shine 2014.

Project Shine 2014 shaped my soul and increased my faith in Jesus Christ. It was amazing to watch Him work in so many meaningful ways as we labored for Him this past June.

11. God moving.

I could write a short ebook about how God moved in my life in 2014. My faith runs much deeper at the end of this year than it did at the beginning. God has worked in helping me overcome sin. He has worked in helping others overcome sin. God has spoken things directly into my life with the gripping sense of His presence – on multiple occasions throughout this year. I have no doubt that God is calling me to greater faith and leadership in the future. The year ended with one of the most powerful times of God’s presence I have experienced in years. If at the end of my life I am looking back at landmark years, 2014 will no doubt make the short list.

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