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Some Encouragement For The Cold Weather

Let’s be honest: this weather is brutal. It’s tough on many aspects of life, significantly influencing major structures of our society such as government, education, churches, and business.

It is tough to endure this long of a stretch of very difficult weather (going into the third week now with some decent days in between). I feel for people who really really struggle with this. I want to offer encouragement. I hope something you read below may lift your spirit in the coming days and throughout the rest of winter.

1. This IS God’s plan for us.

The more bitter we become about the weather, the more possible it becomes that we are upset with God. His purposes are His and we should ask for strength to endure this difficult season rather than embrace bitterness toward the One who is in charge of the weather.

2. Praise Him for what you have.

If you have little squares in your floor or baseboard that blow warm air into your house (from a machine in your basement that generates that warm air), praise Him. If you have a fridge and cupboard full of food to eat, praise Him. If you don’t have to risk the death of half the population because of insufficient food, medical knowledge, and ways to fight the cold like they did in colonial America, praise Him. If you have a large tank that takes fuel and heats water so you can take a hot shower and warm your body up, praise Him.

3. Extra home time means extra family time.

If you are home more because of the cold weather, it means you will have more time with your family. Perhaps the normal work and school routine are an idol. Maybe God wants a little less “productivity” and more time to be together with your family? Maybe you could use the extra time for games and making family memories!

4. Extra home time can be used in encouraging ways.

Extended time at home can be productive. You can learn new things. You can pray for missionaries. You can e-mail missionaries and encourage them. Extra time could be used to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word. You can bake some cookies and take them to someone in your neighborhood who might be lonely.

5. If you’re struggling with depression . . . 

Maybe you don’t fit into the “family” mold. Maybe you’re by yourself a lot. And maybe this type of cold extends the time you spend by yourself because other things aren’t going on. Maybe you just struggle with depression and this season is tough.

If that’s you, don’t hesitate to ask for prayer. Instead of complaining, say: “I’m praying God protects my attitude through this difficult weather.” If you’re really struggling, ask trusted friends to pray for you, that you will be able to keep your spiritual fervor. If you’re really concerned, visit a doctor and ask if what you’re experiencing is more than normal.

Stay connected to God, and stay connected to others. Use the phone to find out how you can pray for others and catch up however you can. Whatever you do, know this season won’t last. The 30+ degree temps in the 10 day forecast will seem balmy compared to highs around zero!

6. Use the down time to pray and plan activities for warmer weather.

Brainstorm. What could you do with your extra time this summer? How could you minister? Are there opportunities you’ve missed in the past because you’re too busy? Take time now to think through what you could plan later.

I could write more, but time doesn’t permit. Any ideas you have to keep this time useful and glorifying to God?

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