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Resurrection Sunday Evening Thoughts

A few things on my mind tonight:

  • I love Jesus more and more all the time.  I’m glad He forgives me and loves me and shows me His mighty power.  I hope I never get tired of it or forget what He’s done to change my life.
  • The resurrection of Jesus Christ means that I will get to see my dad in heaven because we’re both believers.  I miss him, and the truth of the resurrection is sweet healing to the wound left by losing him.
  • I am super thrilled for a church in Seattle that hosted an Easter celebration at Qwest field (where the NFL’s Seahawks play) and had 17,500 people in attendance, while baptizing about 700 – in the rain!  What a party for Jesus that must have been.
  • I was challenged in our later service today that today is really a party to celebrate Jesus.  In a good and balanced way, I hope that is true.
  • I hope the truth of the resurrection inspires us.
  • I am jealous of a young woman in our congregation who spent Easter morning on the great wall of China loving orphans.
  • The fact that Jesus will reign forever means that one day I will understand what we’re doing with foster care.
  • I praise God for my health.  I have just come through a very thoroughly exciting week of a lot of extra activity and I feel no more tired than I do on a normal Sunday evening.
  • I am praying for folks from our congregation who responded in various ways asking for prayer at the end of our message today.  I’m also praying for needs that may not have been expressed.
  • Probably my deepest prayer is that we will see miraculous salvation of individuals not necessarily physically at our church (although Praise Jesus if that happens), but certainly through our church’s ministries and people.  Be bold to share – really after all Christ went through, isn’t it the least we can do?
  • Do we fear rejection? Christ didn’t . . .
Have a great evening.  Jesus is Lord every single day, and doesn’t need our Easter celebrations to be active.  I hope and pray that He will be powerful and glorious in your life each day and empower you to do great things for Him!
In Christ,

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