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Project Shine 2013: I Am a Man of Small Faith


Project Shine 2013 has come and gone.  Photos and videos will be posted on our Facebook page and our webpage in the coming week.

As I reflect on the week, I confess that I under-estimated God. Project Shine had experienced a lot of change in the past twelve months.  For a couple months last fall we weren’t even sure Project Shine 2013 would even happen. Step by faithful step, God provided. As the weeks went by, though, I continued to doubt.  I just wasn’t sure this was going to work.  I kept exercising my own faith in the process with step by trusting step. Things seemed to be coming together, but my confidence just wasn’t there.

Just as each month leading up to Shine seemed like it presented its own challenge, each day of the week presented challenges of its own.  Satan is no dummy when it comes to getting me frustrated and distracted.  Let’s have a messy worksite; some communication breakdowns; a major accident at our church causing thousands of dollars of damage; an hour lost on Monday due to rain; work-related problems on my worksite I just couldn’t solve; about five hours of sleep each night on average; on and on and on I could go.

I prayed like crazy.  I asked others to pray.  We prayed leading up to Shine.  During Shine I prayed prayers of utter desperation, at times needing strength and focus moment to moment. Others prayed in deep faith as well. And what happened?

  • 39 total service projects were done (a few are still needing completion which will push the number higher)
  • The Gospel was shared with unbelieving residents.
  • Believing residents were encouraged.
  • One resident attended worship one night and responded to the talk that was given.
  • Several people (don’t really know for sure how many) committed their lives to Christ.
  • One young person committed their life to Christ after seeing the cross in the sky in the picture above.
  • God sent that cross-shaped cloud formation to our parking lot celebration as an encouragement to believers as we ministered (at least one person was led to Christ during that celebration!)
  • There was repentance of deep rooted sin as the love of Christ was taught.
  • All participants were encouraged and instructed clearly about God’s authority.
  • We participated with Mission Akron (a group from ABT, a larger church about a mile from ours), and enjoyed fellowship, worship, and serving with about 60-70 awesome people.

And, God provided.  And, last night before dinner, I felt the emotion of God lifting the burden and reminding me just how powerful He was. And it was a beautiful thing to experience. The joy of serving with other believers and new friendships and partnerships in the Gospel were beautiful as well.

Leading up to and during Project Shine 2013, I felt like a man of small faith.  Lord Jesus, thank You for Your blessings during this week. Please increase my faith!



  1. So cool to be reminded how God works even when our faith is weak. 🙂

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