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Tuesday Rambling 10.24.17 – On Being White and Discussing Injustice

Last Tuesday I wrote a short piece in which I shared a few rambling thoughts on the topic of "being white". Today I'll take that a bit further and touch on what I perceive as the cause of much misunderstanding: injustice. When you are white, you … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 10.23.17 – Boy Scouts, Horrific Adoption, Luther Anti-Jew

Good morning, Or...well, as good as Monday morning can be? If nothing else, perhaps these article will stir your noggin! Boy Scouts What a great look at what the Boy Scouts lose by allowing girls. Question: Is "loss" a part of our … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 10.17.17 – Some Thinking On Being White

Some Tuesday Rambling about my race... For most of my life I didn't have to think about my race. I grew up in a mostly white town, so race really presented no problem. Since moving to Canton in 1995 and then Akron in 2000, I have lived in … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 10.16.17 – Elderly, Today’s Teens, Gays and Church

Interesting articles for sure. So if Monday has you a bit sluggish, stimulate your mind here! How the Elderly Lose Their Rights This read is a bit lengthy, but it should make all of us think. Question: Even if the steps in this article seem … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 10.3.17 – Questions for Marriage

  Just a few random questions that may help regarding marriage: If you're not married, how much of your identity is tied to the concept of being married? In your marriage, do you have a good sense of when the right times are to … [Continue reading]