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Tuesday Rambling 11.7.17 – About Guns In Church

Even though I don't want to, some rambling about guns in church: My #1 concern in this discussion: PLEASE don't let the enemy use tragedy to divide. Yes, well meaning believers see the issue of guns in church in different ways. PLEASE seek … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 11.6.17 – Disability, Sleep, Lottery, Cuban Baseball

Good Monday Morning! We just got our son out of bed and out the door to the bus in five minutes flat. Feeling rather accomplished following dual alarm failure! That said, who's up for a challenge? Good topics and questions here... The Best … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 10.31.17 – On Being White – Statistics Regarding Inequality

Time to continue rambling about race and justice: Over the past two Tuesdays I've posted rambling involving my experience as a white male. Today I'd like to share some statistics with one purpose: Please think. I know not all stats are … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 10.30.17 – Social Media Addiction, Luther’s Marriage, Male Friendships

Good Monday morning! No doubt engaging in these articles will challenge your thinking! Addicted? Are you addicted to Social Media? Question: Well? Homosexuality and Male Friendships This tips on a topic with potential wide reaching … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 10.24.17 – On Being White and Discussing Injustice

Last Tuesday I wrote a short piece in which I shared a few rambling thoughts on the topic of "being white". Today I'll take that a bit further and touch on what I perceive as the cause of much misunderstanding: injustice. When you are white, you … [Continue reading]