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Tuesday Rambling 1.16.18 – Looking Again at the Exodus

For this Tuesday, a bit of rambling about the Exodus: Yes, this story lands at the top of my favorites list. Think about the elements of what happens. God - completely sovereign in the life of a leader (Moses). God - completely … [Continue reading]

Think and Act 1.15.18 – Why I Think MLK Jr. Should Matter to White People

If you've not seen the move Race, it chronicles the experience of Jesse Owens' rise to fame and his domination at the 1936 Olympic Games. In one intense scene, Owens attempts to tell the Ohio State track coach he will pull out of the games … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 1.15.18

Good morning! Monday and challenge. Maybe Monday means challenge. Maybe you like Monday and want to challenge your mind. If Monday is challenging just because it's Monday, maybe a challenging diversion will help? Was it challenging to read that? Then … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 1.9.18 – The Beauty of Genesis

I love reading through Genesis on the annual reading plan. Let me ramble about a few things. God's sovereignty shines through. He loves people and hates sin. Big surprise! He makes promises based in no way on the merit of human beings. … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 1.8.18

Good morning! Time for the first Monday Challenge of 2018. I did post links last week, but didn't quite make it on Monday, so here you go. Be challenged! Christian Husbands From Desiring Go: To what end do Christian husbands strive? This … [Continue reading]