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Monday Challenge 9.4.17 – Charlottesville Declaration, Athletes and Mental Illness, Saving Marriage

Good morning! Some tough topics on the holiday, but worth the ready. Enjoy - and be challenged! Charlottesville Delcaration Still processing this, but this declaration helps us understand the concerns and perspectives of our African American … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 8.29.17 – Injustice, Justice, Akron, and You

Don't want to have to ramble about justice, but here goes... Justice involves a view of right and wrong. To claim injustice shouts something has gone wrong, or someone has experienced wrong. In the past few days, Akron's police chief has … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 8.28.17 – Texas Flooding, Small Groups or Sunday School, Race and Education

Good (late) morning, I am excited to share a few challenging articles with you. Texas Flooding This gritty account will help you understand what residents in the area face. This article, written by a local pastor, details how to … [Continue reading]

Think and Act 8.14.17 – Black and White Racism In A Culture of Gray Morality

Think about these instances: President Obama struggled to call radical Islamic terrorism by that name. Over the past weekend, President Trump failed to use the words "white supremacism" and "terror attack" when referring to the awful events … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 8.14.17 – Charlottesville, Bad Sermons

Right to it with some links to make you think! Charlottesville I wish I didn't have to have links about this. I'm beyond disgust with this. This movement stands for nothing Christian and nothing American. 10 ways Charlottesville and white … [Continue reading]