Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 5.8.17 – Six Steps to Maturity, Micah 6:8, Grace and Instagram

Good Monday Morning! Regardless of your attitude, I hope you have stopped by for a challenge. These should make you think: Maturity This article outlines six steps to maturity. Question: Which do you see as most urgent in your … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 5.2.17 – Random Questions

A bunch of rambling questions today: Sometimes I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes they lead somewhere, sometimes they don't. Anyway, here goes: What will we regret in 10 or 20 years as parents whose families have so much technology … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 5.1.17 – 13 Reasons, Parenting and Social Media, Intentional Community

Monday's ruthless nature's ugly head rises again. Does that provide any clues regarding how I feel about today? Ahhh...join me in the challenge, then, of forcing your mind to think about truth. 13 Reasons Why This article demonstrates the … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 4.25.17 – About Churches and Aging Believers

Tuesday means rambling thoughts. Today: about churches and aging believers.  I'd venture to say most newer or growing churches in the U.S. have a smaller number of aging believers (perhaps a lower number of those age 60 and up? - just a … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 4.24.17 – Feasting As War, Parents’ Mobile Use, Bill O’Reilly

Good morning. If you don't qualify it as "good", at least the bright sunshine expected should help! And hopefully a good challenge will help as well. Lots to think challenged! Feasting As War This article caught my eye. Can we … [Continue reading]