Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 6.26.17 – Civility, World Gone Mad

Just a couple articles to share this week. Hopefully more by next week. Be challenged! A World Gone Mad It seems as if the world has gone mad, yes? This article gets us focused on Scripture in the middle of the madness. Question: How does … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 6.19.17 – Addiction, Gritty Marriage Essay

Good morning, Busy season for me so a couple articles to share this morning. Be challenged: Addiction Found this just this morning: Addiction is addiction to self. Question: In what ways are we addicted to ourselves? Marriage Kay … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 6.13.17 – The NBA Finals

Yes, I realize the NBA finals has little to do with faith, but I'll take a slight detour today to express a few opinions. I will say that if your emotional engagement in today is affected because your team lost, do a heart check. At the very least … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 6.12.17 – Killing Christians, Family and Politics, Before You Preach

Good Monday morning! One of the best parts of the information age lies in our ability to find and share meaningful commentary. I enjoy sharing what has challenged me. Ready, set, go on another Monday Challenge... Killing Christians Why is … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 6.6.17 – Before You Want Someone to Love You…

No, it's not Valentine's Day. But, I'm up for some rambling about our concept of love. Almost everyone wants someone to say "I love you". Before you desire that, ask yourself: Does that mean you could never disagree with that person? Does … [Continue reading]