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Monday Links and Bullets 1.3.11

Here we go.  New Year, new set of links and bullets.  LINKS FIRST LINK OF THE WEEK --What we need for 2011 wrapped up in three words. THE CHRISTIAN FAITH --Top Ten stories from religion in 2010. --Very interesting read on abortion.  This talks … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 12.27.10

Not as many links this week, but hopefully some you will find useful: LINK OF THE WEEK --From John Piper - 9 ways to know the Gospel is true.  Good read. SOME GOOD READING REGARDING THE CHRISTIAN FAITH --The purpose of his birth was death. --An … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 12.20.10

Another Monday.  Another slew of links and bullet thoughts.  Here we go . . . LINK OF THE WEEK --Christmas is a tough time to be a real Christian.  This is a good read. THE CHRISTIAN FAITH --Things to think about regarding the Christmas story. … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 12.13.10

Here are this week's links. LINK OF THE WEEK --Is it too repetitive to talk about the gospel all the time? CHRISTIAN FAITH --Spend well this Christmas. --Should Christians play football?  Certainly an interesting read. --Five reasons to send … [Continue reading]