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Here is this week's link for discussion: There are lots of things to be discouraged about in our lives.  Sickness is one of them.  I think it's totally fair to be down that sickness or … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 3.21.11

This week's links: LINK OF THE WEEK --Five ways to help Japan THE CHRISTIAN FAITH --St. Patrick and human trafficking. --Some more thoughts on the big Rob Bell controversy.  Man, why is this so difficult? --You are what you worship.  Seriously, … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 3.14.11

Happy Monday.  Lots of links and bullets.  Lots going on! LINK OF THE WEEK --Amazing photos of the heartbreak in Japan.  Don't look at these for entertainment - look at them to identify and learn how to suffer with the Japanese who are … [Continue reading]

Friday Link Highlight 3.11.11

I am going to try something new starting on Fridays.  As many of you know, I share a lot of links on my blog.  And, because of the way the blog hosting service works, I can figure out pretty easily which links you find the most interesting (and … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 3.7.11

Lots of good stuff to get to this week.  First off . . . LINK OF THE WEEK --Would you risk being raped for an education? CHRISTIAN FAITH READING --Five things you can't find in the Bible, but it would be great if you could (good read on this … [Continue reading]