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Monday Links and Bullets 8.1.11

Okay folks.  Here's another week's edition. LINK OF THE WEEK --This is a very interesting read from someone who is opposed to Christianity.  In it he clearly explains some of the good he sees in Christians. THE CHRISTIAN FAITH --You might have … [Continue reading]

Friday Link Highlight – 7.29.11 – Praying for Pastors

Here is the most clicked article from my Monday posting: It's about how to pray for your pastors. As usual, I really don't agree with everything in here.  However, there are a couple main points I'll elaborate on: 1.  Feeling Good About … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 7.25.11

Last Monday post for July.  Wow.  Here we go with this week's links. LINK OF THE WEEK --Here's an excellent article on praying for pastors. THE CHRISTIAN FAITH --What higher ed says about Adam and Eve.  I find this to be totally ridiculous, but … [Continue reading]

Friday Link Highlight 7.22.11 “Parenting Is A Calling”

No doubt this week on which link received the most clicks.  If you missed it Monday, here it is: Motherhood is a calling. Here are a few thoughts I have after reading this: 1. Bold No, not just the typeface.  It is bold to write such an article. … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 7.18.11

Another week, another set of links.  Check 'em out! LINK OF THE WEEK --Parent or not, everyone should read this short piece about parenting as a calling.  Seriously, if you don't read anything else on here this week, click through and take less … [Continue reading]