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Monday Links and Bullets 5.16.11

As usual, plenty to read.  Here we go . . . LINK OF THE WEEK --This is a story about a woman who married a man whose wife had died.  Read the story about his other wife. CHRISTIAN STUFF --Transform the public schools. --Churches burned in … [Continue reading]

Friday (Saturday) Link Highlight 5.13.11

Didn't get to this last Friday as I was traveling, and one day late this week.  Here goes with some thoughts on the highest clicked link from my Monday post this week. This week's link of interest was about McDonald's revamping its stores. Read the … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 5.9.11

Sorry this is a bit late.  Enjoy.  Do some good thinking this week! LINK OF THE WEEK --A thought provoking article from a former college professor regarding bin Laden's death. A BUNCH OF STUFF . . . --You may not think of church steeples as … [Continue reading]

Monday Links and Bullets 5.2.11

Off we go.  This week's links: LINK OF THE WEEK --Believers serious about sharing their faith should take five minutes and listen to this.  It ain't gonna be the link of the week if it ain't any good (and no grammar police needed, thank you). THE … [Continue reading]

Friday Link Highlight 4.29.11

Almost didn't get this done Friday.  Here is this week's link of interest: Think, for a moment, what things would be like if 500 people were slaughtered mercilessly in the United States in this kind … [Continue reading]