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On My Mind #9: Christianity: Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

A lot of people talk about how arrogant Christians are.  How narrow, simple-minded, uneducated, radical, fill in your favorite knock, etc.  To hear a lot of people tell it, Christianity must not be all it’s cracked up to be.  But let me ask a couple questions:

If Christianity is so bad, why on earth have I developed friendships with people that are truly loving? Truly loving to the point that we encourage each other with good things and hold each other accountable when necessary.  We share hard truths and we share the journey of life.  What could be so bad about that?

If Christianity is so bad, why have I changed so much?  Can’t be God.  Oh that’s right, it must have been my own effort that’s responsible for things in my life I never would have had the desire to change on my own.  And that desire to change?  Guilt, that’s right.  Good old fashioned guilt can go a long way in making someone change.  Could never be God.  He’s mean, vindictive, and always too hard to please.

These Christians, they care about each other so much.  What a waste of time that must be.  Why would they do that?  They give a lot of their money away to support great causes, their churches, and each other.  A lot of Christians give out of their own means to help those in need, or to support other Christian missionaries.  What a big waste of money that narrow minded thinking leads to.

And me? I’m a pastor.  That must really be terrible.  It must mean my family hates people and all I do is try to convince people they’re wrong.  If all that’s true, why do I love my job (calling) and the church I lead so much?  Why does it thrill me to see people change, grow, and learn?

That’s right, that must just be a farce.  No person could truly love others in the same manner they love themselves.  Or even try to, or ask forgiveness when they fall short.  Christians who practice forgiveness and move forward in life miss out on all the fun of holding a grudge and sowing seeds of anger.  Right?

Christianity gives you hope when a loved one dies?  Who would want to take a pass on the hatred of life that comes when we lose a loved one?  Who would want to be filled with hope of eternity when we can run the here and now medications of drugs, alcohol, and other fleshly pleasures?  Puhlease.

So as we celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m not sure why you would.  You either should celebrate the fruits of your own labor or you should wallow in how miserable you are.

Because no God would ever have control to bless you with anything.  Those Christians might tell you He does and that you should thank Him.  But what do they know?


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