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On My Mind #8 – Ever Wonder About Your Kids?

I wonder a lot about my kids.  I love to look at them when they’re sleeping and just think.  I wondered:

Do you ever wonder . . .

  • what your kids will be when they grow up?
  • what they’ll be like in a few years?
  • what the defining decisions of their lives will be?
  • what tragic event will shape their lifetime like 9/11 has shaped so many in this generation?
  • if the United States will still exist at the end of our children’s lives?
  • how much like you their spouse will be, should they choose to marry?
  • what great things they will do?
  • what great challenge they’ll face and how they overcome it?
  • if they’ll need braces and how will we pay for it?
  • will they walk in the truth of Jesus Christ?

The Bible says that we should be concerned that our children walk in the truth.  To me, even though it’s the last question on my list, it’s the first thing I pray for and the only real hope I have for our children.  I hope and pray that will do amazing things for Jesus.  I know they’ll have crises of faith and questions and growth.  But I have also seen the pain parents endure when their children walk away from the faith and live (and die) outside of faith in Christ.

I am not guaranteed anything in this life.  I pray for the eternal life of my children.  I pray they’ll grow to honor Jesus.  Will you join me in praying for these things for my kids, your kids, and other kids you know?


  1. pattyburkholder says:

    I pray for your kids, my other grandchildren, the kids in the rooms where I am going to substitute teach on any given day, the kids I see in the grocery, restaurant, at church, on a plane, the kids on school buses, inside schools, at the doctor’s office, from stories I see on television, from stories others share, from FB postings, from Law and Order stories, from Bible stories and on and on and on. I still pray for my own kids every day, too.

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