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On My Mind #62: Why We Foster Parent and How You Can Pray for Us

Our family has enjoyed a great season since Jocelyn’s adoption.  We believe the time is drawing near for us to open our home again for another potential foster child.

I’d like to offer this post as a challenge and an opportunity to pray. Here are three reasons we foster and three ways you can pray.


1. It’s spiritual.

God calls us to care for the orphaned.  This is a micro level way we can do this.  Some children are temporarily orphaned, some permanently.  It is a local, practical way to live out our Christianity with the resources God has given us.

2. It’s challenging.

Yes, we are looking for challenge.  There is nothing in the Bible that says life is supposed to get easier.  Nothing.  We believe that sharing the love of Jesus is gritty, challenging, and not for our comfort. Foster parenting gives us an opportunity to influence children and their families with the love of Christ. As a result, we do it because we’re able to – it makes sense for our family and it stretches us.  We challenge you to do what your family can do to live for Christ in bold, practical ways.

3. It’s part of a legacy.

We want our children (and those we influence otherwise) to know that we are willing to love others at personal cost to ourselves.  Life could be easier.  There could be more time, energy, entertainment, relaxation, etc. if there were not diapers to change, discipline to dole out, and schedules to juggle.  We want our kids to experience sacrificial love in a real and practical way, and to do the same one day if they’re able.


1. Pray for the process.

We don’t know what the process will be, so we will be inviting a season of unknown into our lives.  We may not look to adopt.  We may foster in several situations.  God may surprise us and challenge us. We have no clue and we covet your prayers for the process.

2. Pray for wisdom.

We may need wisdom in the coming weeks to make the right decision. Refer to #1!

3. Pray for orphans.

Pray for orphans, and not just the ones in our care.  Do something, anything, to show lost and abandoned children that you love them.  It’s a sign of God’s love for them and can communicate the reality of the love of Christ.

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