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On My Mind #60: A day of spiritual focus – FAIL!

I have really felt led to have Wednesdays be a time to focus. I decided I’d start today. Get up early, no sports articles or highlights, no news, no social media, no lunch. Extra prayer, extra focus, extra study, extra close to God.


Let me briefly describe the distractions that Satan sent my way today:

1. One of our children got up early – 45 MINUTES EARLY, cutting into the time I set aside.
2. I played phone tag all day and never did make a connection I needed to make.
3. I missed an important phone call.
4. I got upset with a woman driving a van who tried to take a short cut out of a slow traffic area.
5. Due to several circumstances, we had lower than the normally low attendance at our prayer gathering at church tonight.
6. I was distracted at several points this afternoon.
7. Dogs were barking uncontrollably during a prayer time.

Add some general frustrations and distractions and the day felt like a total fail.

But, I want to encourage you – it WASN’T. I STILL managed to be intentional, I still got some extra study time, prayer time, and managed to get challenged in a couple different articles and a sermon.

Isn’t that how it is? You make a spiritual commitment, then Satan distracts.

James 4:7 seems appropriate: Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Distraction? Guaranteed. God’s power over the distraction and speaking to you through it? An even stronger guarantee. Spiritual focus day – see ya next Wednesday!

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