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On My Mind #6 – Satisfaction – I Can Get Some

There are a lot of ways we seek to be satisfied in life.  We seek to satisfy a hunger, certain emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc.  We find entertainment satisfying, or perhaps a good hard day’s work, a paycheck which rewards such work, etc.  This should get you thinking.

Often a famous quote runs through my mind that deals with satisfaction: God is most satisfied in us when we are most satisfied in Him.  So, what does it look like to be completely satisfied in God?

Truth #1: No relationship will ever satisfy us more than our relationship with Jesus.  Even marriage won’t last in the resurrection; it’s not eternal and won’t identify us then.  Our roles as children, parents, etc. won’t matter in eternity either.  Only our relationship to Christ will satisfy us then.  We must use our earthly roles and relationships to point to Christ.

Truth #2: No material possession or earthly experience will ever satisfy us more than Jesus.  In fact, Jesus spoke often about the dangers of loving money more than God; man can only serve one or the other.

Truth #3: We can’t grow in our relationship with Jesus without cultivating it. Yes, it really is as simply as serving, praying, worshiping, obeying.  We can’t grow in this relationship any more than we can grow in any other relationship without putting any effort into it.

Truth #4: We can demonstrate our satisfaction in God by denying things that detract from our devotion to Christ.  We must be aware of what those idols are (people, things, pursuits, etc.) but if we find contentment only in Christ then we will be satisfied with less and less, and the growth that comes through obedience will continue.

If we’re satisfied in Him, He is satisfied with us.  Let us bring Him the glory He alone deserves.

Let us use this life to invest in things which show eternal life is our supreme focus!

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