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On My Mind #55: Five ways to honor Christ on vacation

It’s been good to be away for a few days. Back at it tomorrow. Here are five ways Christ can be exalted on any vacation trip.

1. Celebrate the place.

The Bible has many instances of God’s people changing places as a result of His work in their lives. In Christ, we have a promised land beyond our wildest dreams. On vacation, you can celebrate being in a different place as a reflection of how God has relocated the old self in place of the new.

2. Praise God for the discipline and finances.

No matter a trip big or small, praise God for His provision for the rest. You didn’t provide the money, He did. So, give Him thanks for it!

3. Look for opportunities to meet new people and share Christ.

On my recent trip with a friend, we encountered several people and were able to encourage spiritual growth, determine prayer requests for total strangers, and talk about God with random people. Being on vacation puts being on mission in a different context and gives different opportunities for sharing.

4. Fill that spare time with music, reading, or a sermon.

Hopefully, at some point you will relax on your trip. When that chance comes, fill your mind with a sermon online (provided the Internet at the hotel cooperates), some music, or just some extra Bible reading.

5. Pray.

Vacation can be a tempting time – the desire to stay stuck in fantasy world can be strong. So, pray! Pray for loved ones back home. Pray for God to give you meaningful rest. Pray for safe travel and give thanks for meals and special opportunities.

I could easily give five more, but hopefully this whets your appetite. Let your rest and time away be spiritual rest!

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