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On My Mind #54: Three reasons you should never take anyone for granted.

Yesterday I encountered a healthy combination of a little extra money and good grocery store marketing. I decided to buy my wife flowers for no other reason other than she rocks. This is not about saying “look how great Kevin is”, it’s about the real value in never taking anyone for granted.

Here are three reasons you should never, ever take people for granted.

1. People can always (ALWAYS!) change for the better.

I Cor. 13 teaches that love hopes all things, believes all things. This is powerful if we think about how it applies. If you have taken someone for granted that they will stay in their ways, then you have permanently labeled them and stopped hoping and believing all things. Don’t ever take people for granted in this way.

2. Sadly, they can be gone.

If you’ve ever lost a loved one suddenly, you know what I’m talking about. There really is no guarantee for tomorrow. Appreciate people today as much as possible.

3. Taking people for granted keeps them (and you!) in a rut .

If you need encouragement, think about the way others in your life need it. If you take someone for granted, they are denied the chance to hear what they mean to you. If you take someone for granted, you stop saying thanks for the meaningful things they do. If you take someone granted, you whiff on the opportunity to build them up and encourage the development of the gifts and abilities they have.

Don’t take people for granted. They are gifts, they are unique. Thanks someone today for what they mean to you…then make it a habit!

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