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On My Mind #53: God’s Activity in Specific Geographical Areas

A few experiences I am reflecting on tonight:

1. In 2008, I went to Rwanda and experienced God moving in ways I had never experienced before. Hundreds of people came to Christ during the time we were there. God was moving all throughout Rwanda, and still is as that country heals from the wounds of 1994.

2. In 2009, I traveled with a group to Costa Rica for another short term trip. God did amazing things on that trip, although it was different than 2008 in Rwanda. Amazing stories to be sure, but on a different scale.

3. As anyone could easily observe, our culture as a whole is hardened toward God and truth. Christians are generally mocked. Churches are mistrusted. The Bible is regarded as hate literature by many. Many Christians fear the future of the United States is destined for ruin, seeing its moral collapse in progress.

4. In contrast to number 3, my home community (Kenmore, Akron, OH) is a place where it is tangible that God is moving. Spiritual warfare is abundant, but we are witnessing people choose Jesus over evil. Individuals are making difficult decisions to turn from past lifestyles or poor relationships and build new ones with committed Christians. Lives of drugs, alcohol, violence, and brokenness are being traded for faith in Christ.

To be sure, it’s not by the hundreds, but talk of God is something that is becoming more acceptable and common. There is a dedicated base of believers in local churches and missions organizations (such as First Glance and Project Shine) that is building trust and living and ministering in the community representing the truth of Christ in authentic ways.

In sum…
I believe God works in geographical areas. I don’t know all the dynamics, but committed prayer efforts and ministry intentionally can help areas awaken to the truth as He uses His people for His glory. I want to experience more of this and I’m committed to seeing what God will do in the future!

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