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On My Mind #50: Reflecting on 2012

I know we’re more than two weeks into 2013, but I wanted to make note of some serious highlights of 2012.

1. It truly was a year of spiritual growth.

I know a LOT of people who grew spiritually in 2012. Several became believers, several got baptized (our daughter’s baptism in 2012 will be something we remember for a long time), and several took big leaps in their spiritual commitment. I traveled to Haiti with some amazing people and had experiences I’ll never forget. Honestly, if we don’t see this, let’s call it a day and do something else!

2. Wow. We adopted a child. Wow.

It’s truly hard to believe that God brought this about in our lives. October 29 will never be the same day on our calendar!! We are still very thankful to so many people who prayed for us and supported us leading up to Jocelyn’s adoption into our family.

3. I ran 50 miles and raised $1500 for IJM.

Running 50 miles was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My body is just now feeling back to 100% after a long season of training and recovery which involved a lot of sacrificed time and sleep. I still feel like it was a reflection of the intentional choices we must make to grow spiritually. Wow.

4. There was a lot of death in 2012.

It was a hard year as a lot of people I know and love went to be with Jesus. Families I know and love buried loved ones, bringing seasons of grief and pain. But, Christians grieve with hope. And, I’ve been encouraged by the hopefulness of believers grieving loved ones.

5. Our family had a lot going on!

My mother moved out of our childhood home, my brother moved to Australia, we vacationed in NC this summer, and I got to have some great experiences with the kids — my first concert with Lexi and my first Yankees game with David. To top it off, we had a room built on our house, so we had plenty of things filling up our time!

Those are just a few of the highlights. What a year it was!

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