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On My Mind #46: Three Ways I HAVEN’T Been Thankful

Everyone is making a lot about Thanksgiving. I’m glad. I’m not a big fan of emphasizing things once then moving on. Some are making posts every day about what they’re thankful for. In that spirit, I want to challenge you with something that’s been on my mind: how easy it is to be un-thankful. Here are three specific ways from over the past couple days.

1.The water dispenser on my mom’s fridge was on ice instead of water.

I thought I was going to get water. It wasn’t set on water. It was set on ice, and because I failed to set it for water, it gave me ice. As a result, I was frustrated and didn’t appreciate the technology that allowed me to get ice out of a device sitting in a kitchen. How much I was taking for granted!

2. Internet in Bryan just doesn’t seem to be as fast as in Akron.

Information beyond my belief is at my fingertips at speeds which should boggle my mind. But, when it’s not as fast as it is in Akron, I am frustrated. The Internet people in Bryan have not considered how they can best make my life smooth. How selfish I am!

3. My wife was feeling ill this morning.

For the second time this week, Julie had a morning stomach bug. She’s feeling much better by the end of the day, but why did she not consider how much of an inconvenience it would be for our family if she was sick? Why didn’t she consult me before falling ill and needing extra rat most of the morning? Like 13+ years of marriage shouldn’t be enough to make my heart rejoice that I’ve been blessed beyond belief by having this amazing woman in my life? Let alone that I pledged to love her in sickness and in health?

How shortsighted my thanksgiving can be. Anyone else have a disease of Thanksgiving as long as it’s convenient?

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