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On My Mind #44: My Take On the Election

A collection of my thoughts on the elections.

1. I’m frustrated with some Christians about this.

Look, if you are a Bible believing Christian and you woke up this morning with more or less joy because of the results, you’re missing the point. We have an eternal purpose to make disciples that is our purpose and our joy. Here’s the gist:

The Bible believing Christian can’t be crazy upset Romney didn’t win because Romney is not a friend of the faith. He believes Joseph Smith’s revelations are on par with Scripture. He said multiple times the U.S. was the great hope of the world. Hmmmm….does that challenge what Christians believe? He may have had some values that Christians like, but … Uh … He wasn’t going to point the country to Jesus.

We should want Christian principles lived out in our land, but neither of these men were accelerants for bringing the kingdom of God to earth. We as the church can do a better job of that. Let’s be the church, let’s let Jesus be the Messiah, and let’s let the government be the government.

2. If the president’s morals frustrate you, quit whining and go do something.

I can’t stand political activism in the place of spiritual activism. If you hate it that our president is pro-abortion, use the freedom you have to help educate about the cause. Adopt a kid. Provide foster care. Give up your $4.00 coffee every week to support a family who is. Love women going into abortion clinics and give them a choice. Pray like nuts.

If you are against gay marriage, do something. You can’t just get on the stump and run your mouth. You have to do what Jesus did. You have to go get around people you don’t like, who make you uncomfortable. You don’t have to like them, but you have to love them. You may have to seek out a relationship, pray instead of entertain yourself, or be called a bigot or hater. But if you are genuine and show love, God can use you to reach people who are have homosexuality in their lives. And it can work. And they can change. It’s happened and can happen!

If you don’t like people getting so much government assistance, do something. Teach someone to work. Celebrate the joy you see in them when they get that GED, when they get that job that makes the difference, when they learn how to save and spend well.

All of these take way more energy than running your mouth or throwing a few bucks at a cause. But they will bring God’s kingdom to earth (as it is in heaven) way better than any government ever could. And they’re all legitimate options within the rights we have as citizens.

3. Pray for the president and show some respect.

If you don’t want someone watching over your shoulder waiting for your every mistake, then don’t do that for him. Speak up when it’s necessary (please!), but obey the Scripture and utter the words: “God, I pray you will use Barack Obama and his staff to bring you glory.” We MUST ask God to bless our country and our leaders, praying diligently for those in authority. I know I’m guilty of not doing this enough.

What would it say to the President if he received a letter from every Bible believing church in the country that said: “We have disagreements with your beliefs and policies, but we will serve in any way possible and are truly praying you and the Congress can make this country great.”

4. I am afraid we are making up right and wrong on the fly.

I absolutely believe the Bible is God’s Word and contains truth that we should live by. It seems like we are making up right and wrong on the fly and this is my most desperate prayer: that God would awaken us to ourselves, or bring the judgment necessary for us to wake up to His glory and truth.

We can’t make up what we think is right without a thorough, hard reading of Scripture, and a heart that truly wants to obey God in all we do and say. I know I’ll never have this 100% right, but I’ll lead courageously and will be willing to die trying.

I hope this post is food for thought and (like most stuff I post) challenges you as you navigate life and faith.


  1. Kevin, this is great. Well said.

  2. Well put. Life is about the glory of God, not the glory of government.

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