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On My Mind #42: Three Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor

For better or worse, it is pastor appreciation month. Here are three ways you can appreciate your pastor. These are not subtle hints, these are challenges and ideas I’ve read or heard in other places. I hope they encourage you.

1. Pray for him, and let him know it.

I have read in many places that the pastorate is one of the loneliest jobs you can find. Not sure I entirely agree (some of it is what you make it), but I think most pastors agree a random call or email to find out how someone could pray for us individually, for ministry, or for family would be way more satisfying than a restaurant gift card.

2. Find a specific way you’ve been encouraged.

Personally, I can always tell when something has clicked with someone because of the specific way they share the encouragement. Sure everyone wants to be told “nice job”, but It’s the specific ways something connected that are most helpful.

3. Always ask before you criticize.

Note that this does not say “don’t criticize.” I welcome constructive and loving criticism, however it’s a lot easier when someone asks questions to determine your perspective before leveling the criticism. So if you’re really upset, go and tell your pastor (please don’t gossip)– but ask questions ahead of sharing your perspective so perspectives can be shared and compared.

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