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On My Mind #41: Five Reasons I’m Not Excited About New Smartphones

Here are five reasons I’m no longer interested in new smartphones.

1. Let’s be honest, they’re all doing the same things. And, they’re all doing the same things pretty well.

2. There hasn’t been a new development in a long time. When the iPhone came out, it was unlike anything available. I’ll be excited when there’s another major leap.

3. I think they divide people. Let’s lay down the pride and admit #1 is true. Just remember: have an opinion but leave it at an opinion. I have an opinion but it’s not life and death.

4. Finding the best plan is more exciting to me than finding the best phone!

5. Pursuing obedience to Jesus is way more exciting anyway.

Full disclosure: I typed this entire blog entry on my iPhone 4 (which I love using)

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