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On My Mind #4 – Five Questions About Our Current Economy

I don’t ask any of these questions believing I have the answers.  I ask these to provoke you to think about what your expectations are and how you see the world.  So, without further ado, think away on these five questions about our current economy.

1. Is it unrealistic to expect an economy to grow by people and the government going into debt to fund it?

2. Which is increasing more – our sense of gratefulness for what we have or our frustration over what we don’t or won’t have?

3. Does eternal life in any way affect the way you spend, give, and generally plan your finances?

4. Are we aware of needs created by this sour economy, and if we have resource, are we prepared to help meet them?

5. How much are “cutting back” and “living simply” parts of the solution for thriving during these times?

There may be wonderful answers to these questions.  But for now, these are things I wrestle with as I think about the expectations portrayed for our economy and trying to get things “back to the way they used to be”.  I just wonder if “the way everything used to be” is realistic.

Have a great week everyone.  See announcement below for everyone who reads this blog:

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