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On My Mind #39: 11 years after 9/11

It’s been eleven years since 9/11. Here are a few reflections:

I will always pray for the victims’ families. This event was truly horrific in its scope and impact.
I will NOT live my life in fear of terrorists.

I will readily admit that people going through crisis and long term struggle is NOT ideal.
I will NOT believe God fell asleep on 9/11.

I will always sympathize with business owners whose livelihood was greatly affected by this event.
I will NOT live under the delusion this nation can’t emerge stronger in the future.

I will always believe those attacks were acts of war borne out of hatred for America.
I will NEVER stop praying for the conversion of Muslims to Christianity and I refuse to hate our enemies out of American pride.

I believe reasonable measures should be taken to secure American citizens.
I remain convinced completely securing ourselves is pretty much impossible.

I know that every church in America saw a spike in attendance following these tragedies.
I pray one day God would do whatever it took for us to have a society where the revival lasts.

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