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On My Mind #38: God Is Not Like Us

Tonight we wrapped up some thoughts about Ezekiel chapter one. It’s a fascinating and mind-stretching portion of Scripture. I love being challenged to think about God in this way.

It made me think of this: one of the best ways to explain God is to start with the fact we can’t figure Him out. Admitting this is the pathway to growth.

1. The is no description of God in Scripture humans can fully grasp. In fact, when we see humans interacting intimately with God, it humbles them immensely.

2. A relationship with God through Christ is totally free (He paid the price), but comes with great cost. Can we really figure that out?

3. A God that is so powerful and majestic is near and personal at the same time.

Wrestle with these things. Worship God, both for what you know … and for what you don’t.

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