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On My Mind #37: Three Core Convictions About Christian Growth

We are doing a series at our church about discipleship. There is a lot of talk throughout the Christian church about what discipleship is and how we can live it out. Here are three core convictions I have about encouraging Christian growth.

1. True Christians are growing Christians.

You never have to doubt a Christian who is growing. They may be struggling, having difficult times, but they are willing to trust, fight, claw, and lean on God’s grace as much as possible. They have a desire to learn, a desire to serve, a desire to see others come to Christ.

2. Growing Christians will bring impact into the lives of others.

Through church, through relationships, through resolving conflict, through biblical obedience – growing Christians influence others through what God is doing in them. It may have to be refined at times as growth takes place, but Christians should challenge others through the way they live and the way they conduct themselves. Neighbors, co-workers, friends, family – these people may not agree with a Christian, but they will have little doubt there is change taking place in their life.

3. Christian growth erodes pride.

Growing Christians have a submissive spirit. They are eager to be taught. They want to know how they contributed to a conflict and correct the behaviors in the future. They view people the same and want God’s truth to be applied to everyone. Their relationships are improving because they’re willing to admit their faults and trust God’s grace to improve them. They realize they can’t do it themselves.

I know there are other marks, but these are ones on my mind tonight. Be challenged.

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