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On my mind #31: God Is NOT Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head was fun, wasn’t it? You could rearrange the thing based on any mood you were in, couldn’t you? This was the perfect toy for the child who needed constant change and lots of options. But…

That’s not a good thing when we think about God. And it should really influence the way we talk to God. Let me explain.

One of the best things about God is HE’S NOT CHANGING. That’s right. His character is beyond what we can fathom. But change He will not. The way He has related to humans has changed, but His attributes have not.

Pastor Mark Dever used this analogy about Mr. Potato Head in encouraging pastors to think about prayer. We pray to a God who doesn’t change. We can’t make Him into whatever we want.

Another speaker I heard at the conference I attended this week said that we can’t tell God whatever we want, say “in Jesus’ name,” and have it be good. We MUST understand God and must be submissive to His will as we pray. We can tell God what we want, but we must accept that it may not be in His will.

So is God someone we’re trying to change?
… Or does He drive us to deeper worship because He doesn’t change?

Do we grow frustrated when He doesn’t do what we want?
… Or, will we trust Him all the more when things are tough, knowing that we are the only ones who will change?

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