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On My Mind #24: One good reason to stay in a difficult marriage

There are a lot of people, even Christians, who find it acceptable to leave a marriage for less than Biblical reasons. I’d like to counter with a reason to stay: Jesus.

If you talk to most married folks, they will tell you their marriage has hit some bumps along the way. Some of those bumps can be quite large. But they’ll often tell you stories of how God brought them through it.

One of the most intense stories I ever heard involved a couple where the man ran off with another woman for years, the wife knew it, yet they never divorced. She prayed God would bring him back or kill him. In time, the man came back.


See Jesus didn’t get to be happy. He didn’t get everything He wanted. Instead to show real love He died. And He died for people who treat Him very poorly at times. And so when there is misery in a marriage, the best way to honor Jesus is to stick with it. This is largely the advice of I Corinthians 7 and the best way to reflect the sacrifice Christ made for us.

The one reason to stay when your marriage is less than happy (and work to make it better!)? Jesus. Doing so honors Him and all He did for us.u

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