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On My Mind #23: My Selfishness

This is a re-post from the Goss Memorial Church blog from last Friday, but the thoughts are still fresh in my mind.  In what ways do you find the struggle with selfishness?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the little things. Here are a few examples.  I hope these challenge you today:

  • I found myself saying “I can’t stand this coat our foster daughter wears”.  I should have thought: I’m so thankful she has a coat to wear.
  • I often think “I hate car seats”.  I should be thinking: I am so grateful the Lord has blessed us with children to raise and influence.
  • I often get frustrated when unexpected events or visits ruin “my” schedule.  I should be grateful for these opportunities for God to use me.
  • I struggle with motivation to run sometimes.  Am I ever grateful God has given me the ability to compete and the discipline to train?
  • I will get frustrated that the internet isn’t running fast enough.  Why am I not grateful I have loads of information at my fingertips faster than at any point in human history?
  • My wife will do something that frustrates me from time to time.  I should be more grateful for the vast majority of the time we are completely on the same page.

I hope these sorts of ideas get you thinking and encourage an attitude of gratitude.  I read recently that the more grateful you are, the harder it is to worry and complain.  Couldn’t agree more.

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