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On My Mind #22: THIS is happening. Right now. In America.

WHAT is happening? Our culture’s morality is changing – VERY quickly.

I don’t like to post inflammatory stuff just for the sake of it.  I majored in social science in my undergrad program at Malone, and I am a passionate Christian pastor.  It is at this point in history in a very specific way that these two worlds meet.  I DO NOT intend this post to be inflammatory.  Please read with some sensibility, and treat me with respect if you disagree.

I believe our society is radically shifting.  I believe morals are eroding.  But what concerns me most is the attitude of sheer hatred for those who disagree. For many, I am not allowed to take a moral stance without being accused of hating those I disagree with.  This, folks, is not America.

To be clear: I have some strong beliefs about the erosion of our sexual ethics in America and around the world.  At the same time, I do not hate the people I disagree with.  By the nature of our freedoms, I respect the right of those who oppose my views to disagree and fight in the public square for their initiative.  In the name of Christ I would be glad to have a loving conversation and explain my side and listen with respect to an opposing argument.  I fear this will be less and less possible.

Here is a blog article that expresses this much more eloquently than I ever could.

It includes some information from the recent dust-up involving Kirk Cameron and Piers Morgan.  There are some excellent quotes and some excellent ways for Christians to be challenged to think by this article.

I, too, hope for the grace to persevere, regardless of the consequences I may one day face for standing for what I believe is right.  At this point, I truly believe that in 5 years or less it will be illegal in this country to even post this article to my blog.

Think.  Be challenged.  Respect and pray for those you disagree with.  Christian – Carry the banner of the love of Jesus Christ, who died for all sins. Speak the truth, lose the hatred and arrogance.

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