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On My Mind #19: I don’t care about the middle finger at halftime!

The media made a big deal Monday about the middle finger being given during the halftime show.  Here are five things that are incredibly more important to me.

1.  Children are bought and sold every day for sex.  All around the world.  And that hardly ever makes the media.  There were a few articles about sex trafficking at the Super Bowl that surfaced last week, but the problem is both American and global.

2.  We live in a country where hacking up fetuses and sucking them through tubes is called freedom of choice rather than murder.

3.  Changing public policy to allow gay marriage is called progress with no regard for layers and years of sociological research showing the need for both man and woman in bringing up children.  Proponents have no idea where this newfound definition of freedom will eventually lead and God’s Word is mocked in the process.

4.  Our president is urging government to continue policies ignoring out of control debt with little regard for the future.  I find this to be a sin against our children and future generations as they will pay the penalty for this senselessness.

5.  Rampant raping, killing, and mind control goes on in tribal villages and chaotic nations across this globe and the vast majority of Americans don’t know or don’t care.

So, until there’s outcry regarding clear injustices going on in our country and around the globe, I don’t care about the middle finger at the Super Bowl halftime show.  He media, make something more important the issue!

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