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On My Mind #18: Masculinity – a Short Definition

I spent three days at a conference this week and my mind and spirit are still very much overflowing.  The worship was incredibly powerful and the teaching, preaching, and encouraging was even better.  There are a number of things tossing around in my mind, but here is one of the foremost.

I’d like to begin with a short definition for masculinity I heard, and how it relates to authority.

Masculinity: the glad acceptance of responsibility through sacrificial living.

I’ll keep this short, but here are a few sub points to chew on:

1.  Jesus earned his authority by living sacrificially and accepting responsibility for what He would do.  He did NOT gain authority just by being macho.  He gained authority through sacrifice, service, and love.  A few questions follow:

2.  Men earn authority by accepting responsibility.  A man should be able to prove he is capable to provide for the needs (both physical and spiritual) of others (wife and children).  This means they come first and it leads to the next point.

3.  This means you don’t always get what you want.  This should speak loudly to young single men who are doing more consuming than producing.  If you are a young man learn how to get and hold a job.  If that means finishing school, then do it.  Strive to make the most of your life so you can provide in the best possible ways.  No future wife will ever feel secure with a guy who never learns how to work and hold a decent job.  Your time may not be your own – you may need to give it to your wife and kids or to go and serve others which may mean you don’t have all the time in the world to do everything you want.  It’s called sacrificial living, not living to get whatever you want.

4.  Men gain authority when they model Christ.  The Bible says the head of every man is Christ, and the head of every woman is man.  Women should be glad to submit to a man who is all in to follow Jesus and leading the family in such a way (and if he doesn’t know how to lead he is willing to take steps in the right direction).  No woman and no children will ever give a man authority who is not doing their part to earn it.  Taking after Christ’s example and living it out in your home will provide your wife and children the stability they nee

5.  Men: Submit your lives to God.  Submit them.  It’s the plan God has for men to accept responsibility and fulfill their roles.  When our lives are completely submitted to God through Jesus Christ, our greatest thrill is not sport nor hobby nor sex nor pride (nor ____________).  Our greatest thrill is through serving others and thriving to provide for those we’re called to lead.

The good news is you don’t have to know all this at once.  It takes learning (as I am still learning). It takes commitment.  It takes surrendering to Jesus.  And He is the one who gives you the grace to do any of this.

Have a great Friday everyone.  Back on Monday with links and bullets.


  1. Buddy Miller says:

    Good stuff Kevin…I just went to a conference last weekend and heard Dennis Rainey speak. His message dealt a lot with some of things you referred too. His book Stepping Up A Courageous Call to Manhood is quite good. Your message is definitely confirming a strong sense I have had over the last week to make some changes in my life relating to being the man God is calling me to be.


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