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On My Mind #14 – Jesus May Call You To . . .

Last Sunday’s sermon about the calling of the disciples challenged me because we have a relatively easy call in the United States. Scripturally speaking, here are a few things Jesus may call you to do. As Americans, we should remember Jesus may call us to:

1. Die

In other countries, dying for your faith in Christ is a daily possibility. Jesus instructed His disciples to be prepared to not fear death, but to fear eternity in hell. Safety is a good value, but it shouldn’t influence all of our decisions like we value this life more than our eternal life.

2. Live somewhere unappealing

We get the idea that the disciples left everything they had and truly followed Jesus around. I don’t think completely leaving home settings is appropriate as some things the disciples did aren’t exactly hard and fast rules. But, that doesn’t mean that Jesus won’t call you to live in a place with more crime, less quality of housing, or lower standards of living or education. If you’re used to the city he may call you to the country or the suburbs. If He wants you to help reach a certain group of people, He may want you to live among them. And it may cause tension among your family who may not understand what you’re doing.

3. Generally do non-traditional things

You may be called to give up time, money, comfort, etc. in following Jesus. You may have be called to radically financially support a ministry. You may be called to have extra time where kids are in your home who aren’t yours. You may be called to give up the “peace of mind” that Americans so passionately pursue.

4. Be absolutely hated

Jesus’ disciples were hated. Jesus was hated. Our faith in Jesus should be strong enough to realize that not everyone is going to like us. There may be some who disagree with us yet still respect us. There may be some who downright hate us, and we should be ready for public opposition.

Loving people for the cause of Jesus Christ can be a radical adventure. Are we up to the call?

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