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On My Mind #13 – Three Things You’ll Do If You Love Someone

This has been on my mind.  I don’t desire shallow relationships.  I genuinely want to know how to best work with and pray for people.  In that light, here are three things you’ll do if you love people.

1.  Tell the truth, both good and bad.

This sounds sort of common sense, but it rarely happens.  When was the last time you told someone they really did something great or were really good at something.  The Bible tells us to encourage each other (daily!), so why wouldn’t we be intentional to encourage those around us.  And certainly, it calls us to tell the truth in difficult circumstances.  When was the last time we were plain honest about a scheduling conflict rather than trying to get out of it, or when was the last time we had constructive conversations about our flaws (mutual conversations are best for this). Of course, we are to speak the truth in love, and this can require some balance, but I really believe if you love people you’ll tell the truth both in good and bad.

2. Commit time.

If you really love people, I believe you will commit time to them.  Time is an incredibly valuable resource, and those who feel loved by you should know your presence.  Money, words, gifts–these can all help show love.  But time is a key element people need.  Your presence (however small) really can communicate that you love them.  The more important the relationship is, the more time you should spend.

3. Sacrifice.

This may be somewhat related to committing time, as surely that is a sacrifice.  But here are a few other examples of sacrifice. Maybe someone needs you to watch their kids for a night off because they’ve had a horrible stretch of time.  Maybe a friend had a surgery and you need to contribute some house chores or a grocery gift card.  You may also be called to sacrifice bitterness or anger (this can come through forgiveness and openness).  You may benefit from sacrificing bringing up the past all the time and helping someone look forward.

As you hang out with those you “love” this Christmas season, will the really know you love them?  Or, will it be another stop on the journey to fakeville?

Have a great Thursday!

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